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Our farm has trialed growing Korean ginseng (Panaxginseng)
Forest Ginseng™ is a superior product

Our farm has trialed growing Asian ginseng in various parts of New Zealand for many years, and has been growing ginseng in forests around Taupo since 2002. We currently have over 100 hectares of Ginseng planted.

New Zealand has some excellent forests which are most suitable for growing wild-stimulated ginseng. In particular, all conditions of unique pumice soil around Lake Taupo, the cool winters in high altitude of Mt. Ruapehu and hot summers are very ideal for growing forest ginseng. These conditions resemble that of Changbai Mountain in China, where the best ginseng in the world is produced.

NZ forest ginseng is native from Asian ginseng, which is considered one of the best varieties of ginseng and one which is particularly suited for growing in New Zealand. A new system of growing forest ginseng in New Zealand has been developed successfully by Dr. Jae Hyun Lee. He consults and exchanges ideas with other ginseng experts from around the world.

Great care and time is spent in ensuring that every Ginseng root that we supply is a top quality product. Our farm cultivates chemical-free ginseng in New Zealand’s stunning forests using the world’s best practices and as a result, our ginseng, is a superior product.

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