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Our farm has trialed growing Korean ginseng (Panaxginseng)
Forest Ginseng™ is a superior product

FGL products are high quality and innovative New Zealand grown forest ginseng. It originated from Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) and American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). FGL by itself developed 100% pure New Zealand grown ginseng products. It is considered as one of the best ginseng product in the world.

Uniqueness of NZ Forest Ginseng ™

  • 100% New Zealand grown forest ginseng. It is free residuce.
  • Rich in geothermal minerals after process with Rotorua geothermal steam.
  • Contains rich ginsenosides (Rg1, Rb, Rc, Rg3, Re, Rd, Rh1, Rg2, Rh4), vitamin B1, B2
  • Wild-simulated ginseng
  • Premium quality.

There is some clinical evidence to suggest that when ginseng is consumed regularly, several types of cancerous cells are inhibited. It is also believed to prolong life span.

NZ forest ginseng is very similar to wild ginseng as it grows under the stunning pine forests in New Zealand, with rather good untilled pumice soil, four distinctive climate seasons. It usually takes eight years or over to reach maturity and better medicinal effectiveness.

Independent testing has shown that NZ forest ginseng has some of the highest ginsenoside levels in the world. It restores physical and mental health by activating the body's "Chi/Qi ", improving energy flow to the brain and heart and boosting the body's immune system.

Great care is taken in producing all the products for good quality control. We only source top grade New Zealand grown forest ginseng. We use the most modern and advanced technologies and equipments in producing all our products. We also take pride in our carefully developed quality control and processing systems. As a result we produce world class premium products for our valued customers.

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Our current product range comprises:

No. Product Name Size
C1080N10 Dry Red  Forest Ginseng 10g / pack
C2088N20 Dry Forest Ginseng 10g / pack
C3015N30 Ginseng Leaf Tea 15g
C4250N40 Forest Ginseng in Manuka Honey 250g
A2110N50 Forest Ginseng Extract (L) 50ml x 30 pouches
A5111N60 Forest Ginseng Extract (S) 50ml x 10 pouches
Forest Ginseng